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Stop Saving the NHS and Start Reinventing It

'An aging population,increased chronic illness and unprecedented demands for greater efficiency mean the NHS is facing its greatest challenge. To tackle it, Colin proposes a new model for healthcare based on the increased integration of information technology. This is an engaging and challenging book that all NHS and healthcare leaders and planners should read.'

Sir Robert Naylor, Chief Executive, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

‘Colin’s lifelong fascination with science fiction, clinical realities, and future possibilities shine through.'

Andy Hadley, Head of Informatics, Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

'An interesting and engaging read, with a compelling message about the changes that the NHS needs to make. To paraphrase the author, practitioners must ride the IT wave rather than be swept aside.'

Helen Blanchard, Former NHS Executive Director, Sharp Pencil Management Consultancy Ltd.

Future NHS is Humans and Computers Doing What Each Does Best

Using a mixture of fact, fiction and experience, Colin Jervis paints a vision of a future NHS founded on the integration of information technology and the creation of new models of care.

This is a readable book for NHS leadership, NHS management, NHS suppliers and for more generally for senior healthcare staff and anyone interested in the delivery of 21st century healthcare.

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NHS Leadership and NHS Management Must Act Now

The NHS has seen off more change initiatives than you can shake a ballot paper at, so suggestions that it is running out of time and money are hard to take seriously—but we must. Constant worries about the imminent privatisation of the NHS to create an 'NHS plc' cannot be tackled by ideological arguments alone. Buy 'Stop Saving the NHS' now

  • UK care system is struggling to cope with an increasing number of aged and chronically ill patients.
  • Informed consumers are able to challenge health practitioners with the wealth of health information a click or a tap away on their tablet PC or smartphones.
  • These, and other digital technologies, are amassing vast quantities of lifestyle data that, when combined with advances in genetics, could be used to plan, monitor and deliver healthcare as never before.
  • Restrictions in spending mean NHS management must increase efficiency at an unprecedented rate in a rapidly changing environment.

Future Medicine Will Need Doctors With More Empathy Than Memory

Future healthcare is a combination of human and machine: analogue empathy and digital precision.As IT takes over routine, doctors will be increasingly valued for their human qualities rather than their ability to memorise and infer like machines. Digital decision support IT systems will alter way Medicine works, reducing the need for expensive practitioners. Further, advances in genetics and computing have made Medicine an information science opening greate possibilities for the planning, monitoring and delivery of care.

Analogue Artifacts

The fragmented paper-based NHS grates increasingly with the world outside. NHS organisations are looking like analogue artifacts in a digital age.

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About the Author

After travelling the world working for multinational companies in marketing, Colin Jervis changed careers and has worked in and around the NHS and healthcare for twenty years. During that time he led three major IT transformational change programmes. He has many published articles and has been interviewed by the Financial Times and the Telegraph about his work. He has also worked with healthcare organisations in the USA, Europe and the Middle East and is a popular chair, speaker and workshop leader. He works as a management and healthcare consultant. Since discovering Leonardo's anatomical drawings as a child, he has loved science and art. He also draws, keeps fit and serves three cats.

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