Consulting in Health Care and the Public Sector.

Helping to Change Healthcare and the Public Sector

From readiness reviews to ready for action, Kinetic Consulting helps healthcare and the public sector to prepare for, and to take advantage of, change.

We can help you to innovate and crystallise your thinking and plan and to implement change. Our experience of major programmes in the government and public sector is at your disposal.

  • Strategy
  • Innovation and creativity
  • IT-enabled change
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Maximising the value of investments in ICT by outsourcing, procurement and underpinning beneficial change.

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By creating inspiring visions of how processes, people and technology combine, you win the support of your staff, your commissioners and your customers.

Project and programme management

We can help you to paint the vision, set up and inspire the work streams and identify and realise the benefits.

Transform care with IT.

ICT outsourcing, procurement and implementation

We have specified procured and implemented ICT in healthcare and the public sector - from departmental systems with a few hundred users to strategic systems with thousands. We help you to negotiate the best deal, avoiding costly mistakes; we advise you on commercial aspects; we help you to implement smoothly.

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